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I feel like everyone should go learn about the process and the different things that people normally wouldn't know about because all they see is end product.
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Your Itinerary
Introduction: From Seed to Weed
We start with an overview presentation that provides education around botany and the plant production lifecycle which includes harvest, post-processing and packaging.  A complete view of the entire end-to-end cultivation process.
Fertigation is the injection of fertilizers, used for soil amendments, water amendments and other water-soluble products into the irrigation system. It is a game of quantities, nutrient combinations and precise timings. Precision fertigation is the optimal root-zone management tool delivering just the right combination of water and nutrients directly to the roots of each plant in accordance with crop development cycles.
The AliceOS Platform is the “brains” behind our cultivation operations. This technology is built on an individualized plant grow plan (the “craft grow recipe”) that uses monitoring, automation and control loop integration to replicate the Craft Recipe at scale by integrating with a full suite of control and monitoring sensors to manage people, plants, process and compliance in one place
Mother Plants
The mother plants represent the genetic base of facility operations, as it represents the strongest plants that have been culled from a particular pheno hunt. The production cycle starts with cuttings taken from mother plants, ensuring that a genetic replica of plants across the production run stay consistent
Cloning is a technique plant scientists use to make exact genetic copies of living things. Many plants, including Cannabis and Hemp have the ability to be “cloned” from a branch cutting and with the proper techniques, will root and grow into a genetic replica of it’s “mother.” The cloning & propagation phase takes 15-21 days. The goal of this process is root establishment and initial vegetative growth.
Transplanting is the process of taking rooted cuttings out of rockwool and placing them into growing medium and pots so that the plant can begin the vegetative growth phase. The growing medium mix we use consists of a combination of coca coir, a natural fiber extracted from the outer husk of coconut and perlite, a volcanic glass that is heated to 1,600 degrees F which expands into an incredibly lightweight and aerated material.
Vegetative Phase
The vegetative growth process is the phase where the plant grows and is shaped into an optimal structure to maximize its area for flower production. During this phase, the plant is pruned and trimmed to shape it into an inverse v-shaped structure so that more flower sites are closer to the top lighting.
Flowering Phase
The first stage of flowering is when the plants stretch and grow in size and height. During this stage, the plant starts blooming by producing pre-flowers with pistils looking like “white hairs.” The second stage of flowering is where the plants start growing, fattening their buds and darkening their pistils. The final stage of flowering is where the trichome, rich glandules on the plant that contain the cannabinoids and terpenes that are responsible for the “stickiness” fully develop.
Harvest & Dry
The growing phase is where the plants focus on trichome production. After harvesting, the focus turns towards trichome preservation so that the maximum amount of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids remain available for consumption. During this process, the plants are hang-dried in a cool environment to control the rate of moisture release from the bud.
Bucking, also known as de-budding or de-stemming, is a part of the flower finishing process that consists of removing the flowers and leaves from the stalk. After the flower is bucked from the harvested plant, it is laid out in mesh grids to ensure an even and consistent dry.
Trim & Manicure
After the flower is properly dried, the sugar leaves are trimmed off of the bud in order ensure the flowers are free of mold and excess plant material. The main reasons for manicuring flower include aesthetics, aroma and a smoother taste. In addition to being more pleasant to consume, flower with sugar leaves removed generally also have a higher cannabinoid concentration.
The purpose of curing is to preserve the plant while retaining vital flavors and cannabinoids. Proper curing stops the degradation process before volatile compounds like terpenes and cannabinoids evaporate or transform into less favorable compounds. Curing essentially forces the plant to use up sugars, starches and excessive nutrients before they’ve had a chance to dry out and get stuck inside the plant.  
The packaging process consists of weighing the appropriate amount of flower and placing it into containers that are nitrogen flushed to preserve and protect the flower from shipping and storage. In addition, a 2-way humidity control pack is placed within the jar to maintain an ideal 62% humidity level to keep the cannabis at its freshest.
Final Product
You have completed the entire process from seed to packaged weed. Relax and enjoy some product!
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